It’s August 3rd, it’s a great heat outside. I am not a person who suffers from the heat but these days I struggle to focus situations and my body temperature is well above my standard. I am tired. After the weekend in Calcata it is as if I had momentarily exhausted my energies and needed to recharge my strength and ideas.

I am leaving, a few days of detachment that I hope will serve to get back in shape physically and emotionally because in the heat my certainties of action are being “liquefied”. After weeks of intense work during which I have seen my site come to life and close important collaboration relationships, in recent days fatigue and heat are creating confusion about what is my vision.

There were still beautiful news. The last one arrived this morning: my membership in Confassociation

I am officially enrolled and therefore will start with them and with the Italian Wedding Planner Association a beautiful collaboration that I hope will soon bear fruit.

Yet I’m restless. I sleep badly at night, and it’s not for the heat. The mind is fixed on the thoughts regarding the communication that I will start in September. This step will be crucial for me because it will really be my calling card and my future. I studied marketing and communication for seven years and I know how fundamental they are, but as with the shoemaker running around with broken shoes, I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle my focus.

While I am well convinced of myself, my abilities and my strength and professionalism, on the other there is a confusion that I can not quite focus.
In fact, I couldn’t focus, at least until recently.

To support my thesis of how fundamental the professional figures we meet on our way, today I had the luck and the honor of meeting (still virtually) Luca Margherita.
I met Luca during a meeting of professionals last week that I had been invited to participate in to see if I could be interested in being a part of it in the future. It turned out to be a much more interesting meeting than I had thought and from there came direct contacts with some of the participants.
Among them I personally asked Luke to be able to talk to him. He’s a Communication Strategist, one of those figures I probably wouldn’t have considered if I’d continued to work for “someone” in my life. Today, however, I am understanding its value and I particularly appreciate its professional figure.

With the now faithful Zoom platform we met in all our “splendor” this morning online. He with his “Muse” T-shirt and I almost without makeup with my beacher top. No professional and formal meeting. Maybe that’s why I immediately felt comfortable and Luca inspired me to be particularly confident.
I’m not the one who loves form but loves substance, and Luke with his Roman slang, his back bookcase and his bloothtooh headphones have centered my being.

In Luca I found a person who knows how to listen but above all he was able to center after a little more than half an hour that we talked what is the problem that keeps me awake at night.
Who exactly am I? What do I want to communicate? How do I want to communicate it?
I know who I am, what I want and where I want to go but I have to learn how to communicate it to others because that’s the only way I’ll be able to make my added value understood.

And then it took very little for me to get some energy back. Now I know where I’m going to start after this short break and where I want to get to. I won’t do it alone, because when you’re lucky enough to meet some people on your way it’s crazy to let them get away. And so I know that my last working day before my short (but intense) vacation, is actually the first of a new path.
A path that will take me from September to meet Luca more frequently because he understood and centered who I am but above all it will help me to communicate it better to my customers and to transmit it to them to achieve my goals!

And then now I can really say “Happy Holidays.

The road is still uphill, but the path is the right one and in the end I know I’ll have to say thank you to the my stubbornness but also to all the professionals I met and I will meet along the way…. 

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