A Common House for Wedding

What is a common house?

We often hear about weddings in the municipal house. But do we really know what it is when we hear about “common house“?
Many of us identify this place with the Municipality, usually the hall where the Mayor (or his delegate) can celebrate civil marriages.
Usually you have the idea of this room as an “aseptic” place, devoid of personality where you get married if you want to avoid religious marriage, or, more frequently, if you are at the second wedding.
The common house is that place where the rite of celebration of the wedding lasts just over ten minutes, where it is not even worth wearing the white wedding dress so there is no music, there is no catwalk.
Yet that is not the case. For “Commuon House” it is true that you can understand that hall of the municipality where you can celebrate civil weddings but it is also much more.
It is a designation used for places that over the years have been recognized by the municipalities to celebrate weddings with civil rite. Some of these places can excite just like a church wedding, they can have breathtaking views and can give life to a celebration that, although brief, leaves unforgettable sensations in the newlyweds and in their guests.
Places called “Casa Comunale” are present in extremely elegant and exciting structures, in medieval castles, in small villages squares or on the beaches.

Celebrating at that point a marriage with civil rite becomes a real choice just as so many couples choose their place of worship well in advance and behind meticulous research.
In the municipality of Ladispoli, a few kilometers from Rome, for example, there are places where it is possible to celebrate the wedding with civil rite away from the building of the municipality. There are luxury Bed & Breakfasts that have been made municipal homes, as well as places of cultural interest. But what really characterizes a municipality directly on the sea is the opportunity to celebrate their wedding directly on the beach.

In fact, on that black sand, famous in antiquity for its preparatory characteristics thanks to the iron that is contained, there are specific points where you can compose your own fairy-tale scenario.
Whether your dream is a barefoot wedding or with a long white carpet perched on the black sand, Ladispoli beach can become your dream communal home.

And then you can work so that those small villages or remote villages where you grew up, where you played with your friends with the risk of having to run for the descent to collect that ball that ran faster than you can become the setting of your magical day. But that’s another story. A story I’m working on, a story about a territory so dear to me and to which I owe so much. A story that I will tell you when it begins to have a concrete form. Because often realizing someone else’s dream means realizing your own.
So even in the neighboring municipalities, always half an hour’s drive from Rome, you can choose magical places where you can still celebrate your wedding with civil rite.
The added value of relying on a professional in the industry is often to discover these peculiarities of the territory and have the opportunity to organize your wedding in a scenario that will forever be in your memories as truly one of the most beautiful and exciting moments of your life.

Of course, in order to do this, we need a series of documents to be submitted, rights to be paid, tours to the offices to be done and duties to be carried out. But just when time is short but the desire is so strong, professionalism and competence take to the field.



It will no longer be a cost issue when you realize that the time it takes to organize everything, in addition to the stress that will be necessary will be well rewarded by a Wedding Planner who will work for you with the utmost dedication and making sure that your satisfaction is the same as it could have in carrying out your own marriage.

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