I introduce myself Hello! My name is Sabrina Galeotti

Sabrina Galeotti started out as a travel agent specializing in the Incoming market. Her experience and passion has led her over the years to explore the theme of events, dealing with conferences and incentives for both the Italian and foreign markets. After the experience acquired during the organization of the first edition of the Latin American Festival, within the most renowned Eastern Festival, she continued her studies deepening emotional themes and studying as a Destination Wedding Planner. Strong in fact of her professionalism she offers packages “all inclusive” to the companies and couples that include not only the event but a series of related services that make the wedding a celebration that lasts for days. Sabrina believes that every event must be remembered for something that remains within everyone of the participants. A color, a smell, a sound is something unforgettable that time can never erase. There is no party or event that cannot be conceived even from an emotional point of view.  So, thanks also to important collaborations with highly qualified staff, the project of Sogni&Calzini Spaiati was born, a new way to conceive any event by offering an organization that immerses the person concerned and all the people involved in an emotional journey.

The new concept of event for Sabrina is to make a party, an evening, a dinner, a journey through places and emotions previously unknown.

In-depth focus.

Why “Sogni&Calzini Spaiati”?

DREAMS: Every individual daydreams. We’ve been doing it since we were children. Then one day we are forced to close most of our dreams in the drawer of our desk to immerse ourselves in the harsh reality of life. But those dreams are pawing, so what better occasion than an event to turn that key, let some dream come out and make it come true?

ODD SOCKS: Even though everything in our dreams has to be perfect, we can’t give up our personality. We can’t help but personalize every gesture that sets us apart. So why not do it during “your” event? That touch of originality, that distinctive mark, that disorder in the organization will become the strong point that will be remembered forever. After all, who among us has never gone around with two different coloured socks at least once in his life?

Sabrina Galeotti Wedding Planner

Tell me what you have in mind ...

Describe your idea and I will be able to advise you on how to best organize your event
sabrina galeotti sorridente

What can I do for you

Wedding Planners 90%
Baby Shower 75%
Skin Party 85%
Pic nic party 65%
Festa de la Quinceanera 55%
Vintage Events 82%
Team Building Events 95%

My certificates

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