Baby Shower A party for the future birth

From the American tradition, the Baby Shower party is becoming an important moment in the future mother’s life in Italy too. Traditionally this anniversary is dedicated exclusively to women and it is the friends of the future mother who organize the party.

Yet nowadays dads are more and more involved in the life of the unborn child. They attend the birth and spend the nights off to cradle the newborn baby to rest his or her partner. So why not involve them even at such a special time?

Sogni & Calzini Spaiati organizes Baby Showers that can include the presence of both parents where there will be moments dedicated to carve out their own spaces where the girls can chat while the boys enjoy a little whisky. All in the utmost relaxation and in an informal environment.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration with professionals in the world of Counseling, we organize moments dedicated to respiration for the future mother and her guests in the same state of pregnancy!

A party within the party!!!

Do you want to organize a relaxing baby shower?

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