Etruscan necropolis and volunteers

Discovering an Etruscan Necropolis run by volunteers

In this strange period, where you can move little from home, where organizing a trip can become difficult you rediscover territories close to us but that we never thought to enhance as we should.

So what if I told you that there is a volunteer-run Etruscan Necropolis near Rome that you can visit without even an entrance ticket?

Rome, a cosmopolitan city where people from all over the world converge for the natural and architectural beauties that make it the most beautiful city in the world. It goes undisputed. Rome a certainty, Roma Caput Mundi.

But around Rome the territory offers millennia of history that is not always valued as it should be.





And so it is precisely in this period of particular difficulty that territories of inestimable value are being rediscovered that can and must become a tourist source of the highest quality.

We are working with people from different sectors, people who have not surrendered in the face of the pandemic that has blocked the whole world.

And so when possible in person, other times behind their monitors, realities are being born dedicated to the promotion of the territory right around the Eternal City.

  Locatio that can be visited on your own as well as with specialized staff. Locations that are realities all to be discovered for their natural or historical beauties. For the foods that the territory offers, for the people who live there that can be a source of historical and emotional wealth.

It is a process that has come to life for some time but that has every intention of not stopping because if the emotion of getting on a plane to reach destinations unknown to us will always remain, it is equally exciting to find yourself in front of an Etruscan forest or tomb a few kilometers from your home.

And so in this process of building a project that can and must become an important reality for all those who wish to discover a territory that is still little known.

This is the turn to talk about an archaeological site of particular importance but also and above all about a group of people, volunteers, who take care, out of passion, of a place that has seen the light already since the 9th century BC.

Already a few days ago I had talked about a place near Rome, in the municipality of Cerveteri, where a natural landscape encloses a series of waterfalls. Also in this municipality, famous for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, there are archaeological areas. Some of them discovered since the 1920s and have now become an open-air museum, others still to be discovered. Submerged by the bush and the soil that has accumulated over the years above them. This is the specific case of the Necropolis of the Pond.

An area that rises just outside the most famous fenced banditaccia where, thanks to the work of the Archaeological Group of the Cerite Territory (Gatch) that has been operating in this area since 2016, today a large area of Etruscan tombs that retrace several centuries of history of the local population is visible.

The volunteer group works assiduously not only to bring the site to light and keep clean, but it makes itself available to visitors to give them a range of information about what they can see within those hectares of forest.

Their presence also significantly stems the clandestine excavation activities that have been a scourge for many decades, plundering the area with very important historical finds.





The project that was brought to life thanks to the Lerici Foundation at the beginning of the 1960s highlighted over 500 burials of various structure and type.

The peculiarity of the Necropolis of the Pond is the possibility to see tombs, smaller than those present in the Banditaccia area.

Tombs of several centuries with an evolution of the buildings themselves that lead the visitor to an imaginary journey through what were the habits of a people as far away from us as emancipated both in the social and building fields.

The area is surrounded by an immense bush that occupies a territory several kilometers wide and that connects the Cerite area to that of the neighboring municipalities. Through established routes you can in fact reach other places where the territory itself is a continuous discovery.

Spending a day in the Cerveteri area can therefore represent a journey through the discovery of ancient cultures, natural landscapes rich in colors and sounds that remain etched in the minds and eyes of the visitor.


Special thanks go to mr. Gianfranco, our “guide” and exquisite person who has transmitted all his strength and passion to us.

An example for so many people.


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