“It’s the moment of truth within each of us. Inside me more”

It’s August now. These were days when I slowed down the work. I still completed projects, organized tour packages and talked to several people. Even today, on the eve of celebration, I am about to make a call of considerable importance for my future.
In my book coming out in the coming months I write at some point: “It is the moment of truth within each of us. Inside me more.” Never before has this statement been true more than ever. I wrote it under lockdown, at a time when I didn’t know what my present would be, much less my future. And yet I made it. I found my way and today I’m proud of it.

This is a really important moment for me. After months of construction, I’m starting to lay the groundwork for disclosure and communication. I’m getting ready to sell my products. To sell myself and my professionalism.

Today I live day by day enjoying the renewed strength and enthusiasm I have in carrying out my projects.

I started to create packages that see the realization of weddings both Italian and foreign in elegant and particular locations. Weddings by sailboat. Of international convention, of Team Building.
But more importantly, I’m introducing Sabrina to all those people with whom I think I can create something really big and important. I’m recognized for what I am: a professional. Nothing personal, nothing to do with me something I’m not. As I learned to say when talking about my site, “I’ll put my face on it”.
Oh yes! I put my name and my face because I firmly believe that if you believe in yourself you can get to make others believe their worth too. I’ve been proving this for months having put together an organization “of all respect”, but I will continue to demonstrate this by realizing all the projects that are in my virtual store for now.

Anyone who decides to turn to Sabrina Galeotti will know to do it to a person who puts his professionalism in everything he does but also the heart and the head. I went on for years trying to make peace to these two parts of my body to find an inner balance that would shine through on the outside, until I realized that I actually have to let each of these prevail in every situation depending on how I feel. Only then am I able to give my best and leave Sabrina’s positive feelings to others.
I’m going to do this. I’m going to start very soon. I am waiting for these last two weeks of August, still in the name of important meetings and a small “spiritual retreat” in my country to throw down the last technical issues and then finally start with my advertising campaign throughout the world!!

I’ve been saying for years that I want to jump bungee.

Here I really will jump in September!

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