It’s time to start dreaming “in groups”

This is the year of the real world crisis. The crisis that has affected the whole world and that has brought our country to its knees both at the health and economic level, but not only. It is still the year of many uncertainties. The fear of a new lock-down, but above all it is the year in which one’s personal and professional certainties were lost.

We’ve seen economies collapse and revenue lose. Whether it’s employees or entrepreneurs the setback has been terrible to the point of being faced with situations where you don’t really know how and whether to move forward. And it probably didn’t end there. Not only the coming autumn but also the years ahead will be an important challenge but to be covered all uphill. Yet something positive has come about.
It is precisely the uncertainties and difficulties that have brought to the minds of people a willingness to get back on their feet through new forms of collaboration. Those synergies that have perhaps been considered useless during burgeoning periods of the economy today take on a different value.
  And so finally even the project Sogni & Calzini Spaiati no longer speaks a foreign language but manages to make itself understood by all its interlocutors. Talking about synergy, cooperation, aggregation has been the driving force behind my project from the first day of its birth. The firm conviction that good results can also be achieved on their own, but that together these are much more important and, above all, lasting over time, are now no longer an optimistic vision of the underwritten, but have become a common will.

And then all the work of these months is now conveying something that takes on a different look. Everything I have built, the supply chain of suppliers, the relationships of collaboration (which in some cases are becoming real friendships) are leading to a project that sees the will of many different realities to unite and turn a crisis into opportunities.
The departure is not easy, it is tiring to change the opinion of people who until now have only cared about their own reality, involving them in a macro-drawing. It is difficult to make it clear to local institutions that they can count on the support of professionals who, after all, do not ask for money for their own interest, but to develop the territory and give visibility to entire communities that will benefit from it.
Of course, you can’t open the door to the first person in front of you. You have to show them that they can trust and rely on professionals whose purpose, of course, is to grow their company, but who also know that before this happens they have to grow an entire territory.  Not because we feel like benefactors, but because when we really believe in the potential of a reality that exists but that just needs to emerge and make itself known, we work and fight for it to happen. And when this happens, possibly as soon as possible, then even that business project like all economic realities will benefit.

Here’s this last month of work has seen all this, it has seen collaborations and task forces set up. He saw the eyes of the underwriter but also of my interlocutors in front of the project itself.


He has seen important realities such as Associations and tourism experts channel in this design and want to be part of it in its own right.
Now it’s almost time to sum up. The project is now black on white. Now, as they would say in a News Conference, the drawing goes to the Chamber and we hope it will be unanimously approved!

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