My start line

My start line

It is not easy at this time to find time to write the Blog too. And yet I miss it. I miss writing so much: writing about me, bringing out what’s inside of me. I’m doing it in my social media pages but it’s not the same thing. In short, I’m trying to tell you what’s going on but space is limited. Social media are important tools to communicate emotions, to promote initiatives, to publish photos, but for those who like me write pages and pages of stories they are tight.

So today is Saturday, I’m at home because I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning that I haven’t done in a while and I have time to collect ideas and write.

I’d like to tell you what’s happening in these weeks and what will happen in the coming weeks. After all, those who are close to me already know it, those who follow me on social media have guessed it and yet there are many, many things that I would really like to tell you.

I’m on such an important journey that I’m surprised myself. I’m studying a lot and, I think, I’ll never stop. Just this week the new, the umpteenth of this period, class dedicated to Same Sex weddings has opened up a world for me. My participation in the sight of the Italian Wedding Planner Association is already giving me immense satisfaction.

I am meeting suppliers of various kinds and with each of them I grow a little bit more. I am entering a world that until now has seen me only marginally present but that now gets to know me. It’ s getting to know my first and last name. My website is online. It’s beautiful. I thank Nicola and Fabrizio endlessly that they are dedicating themselves to it, body and soul. They are a big pain in the ass and yet they meet my demands.

Yesterday I talked about my Corporate Meeting and Team Building project to an important company in Bologna. I didn’t know how the person I spoke to would react and, above all, I didn’t know if I would be able to explain to them why I called. Instead, it went exactly the way I wanted. He understood the opportunity perfectly well and now I am just waiting for the right moment to present him with a tangible project. It was another very strong emotion.

This week, thanks to the Momenti e Sapori caterer, I was able to attend an event on a terrace with a unique charm in the centre of Rome.

I met a lot of people and saw high-level locations with which to start partnerships.

I became the exclusive Wedding Planner of a beautiful villa in Rome talking to a “colleague” travel agent. It’s great to talk to someone you are in tune with and understand when you talk. Just comparing myself with all these people I’m realizing that the organizational skills that I have developed over the years are not as obvious as I always thought.

Maybe it’s time I started to value myself as well. Maybe it’s time I took out of my mind those phrases that have often belittled me at work.

Maybe it’s time I started looking in the mirror and realizing that what I’m doing is real and true. That it is the beginning of a concrete project that I am not only believing in but all the people I am comparing myself to.

It’s my start line and then we’re off!

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