Open Day Organization

A perfect organization involves careful evaluation and teamwork

The term Open Day is now used for several occasions. Perhaps among the best known is that of schools. Every year every school of order and degree, public or private, organizes this day of “open doors” to be known by what will be its new students and families. It is an occasion in which you can get in touch with the structure that will host the pupils, get to know the people who are inside and who represent the trainers of the children, check the instruments in possession. In short, touch a reality.

Equally used is Open Day when you want to present to customers and suppliers a location dedicated to events or that can be prepared to accommodate a customer of a certain target. Organizing an event means putting together synergies and organizing adequate communication.
First of all, a date must be set that can be appropriate for the guests to be present. Choose a day close to the weekend or a time slot that allows them to spend an hour at the end of work dedicating it to the visit of the location itself. It is a good idea to budget, for example, the aperitif time so that a visit of the person concerned turns into a pleasant convivial moment during which not only will you have the opportunity to see the structure but, perhaps sipping a Spritz or a Crodino, talk to those present and meet new people.
Once you have identified a date and the target you will want to address, you will have to start with proper communication.
Let the guests know that they are being offered the opportunity to get in touch with a place that they can use for future meetings or conferences, for private or corporate events and enable them to know for themselves what the location can offer them. The spaces, the opportunities for achievement, the services offered, the business partners on which they can count being already accredited by the structure itself and able to offer them a 360-degree service that will meet any need.
At the same time, it is precisely the accredited partners who will work, each for their own sector, so that both the communication and their location reflect the value of the location they will represent on that occasion.
A final recall to those who have been invited will make people feel appreciated and will give them the opportunity to understand that the organizers will have a real pleasure to have at Open Day their own.


Finally on that appointed day, at that time that will be communicated, the doors will open. It will be an exciting time with a very high value for all those who have worked on the project. Welcoming guests with a smile will be the best business card that will not only give prominence to the person but to the whole structure.

Hostesses in suits will accompany the guests to visit every corner of the location, organizers and properties will be ready to illustrate the peculiarities and opportunities that it offers and at that point between established relationships and the strength of a team that will have worked to achieve the same goal, the Open Day will have been a starting point for a new reality ready to respond to every need of individuals and companies certain to give that added value that , today more than ever, is expected in a fast-changing market.

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