Events Meeting and Team Building


An event to be really special must convey emotions and involve all our senses. That whether or not you love the sea, there is no more evocative location than a sailboat or yacht.

With departure from the most principal Italian ports we organize events on board of one or more of the following boats with possibility of overnight stay in double cabins. Fall asleep on the high seas and wake up with a totally different view, maybe enjoying the sunrise.There will be no birthday or anniversary that could be forgotten if it took place in such a situation.

Imagine a wedding aboard a sailboat or a luxurious yacht where your Celebrant will utter the fateful words that will make you a unique thing for the rest of your life and a beautiful sunset in the middle of the sea that will be the setting for your photos? Okay, now open your eyes: all this can be reality! Contact us for a free quote and you will understand that a wedding of your dreams can become your own.

Meeting and Team Building

For companies we organize conferences, meetings and team building on board of Sailing Boats or private luxury Yachts that will create the best atmosphere to convey the right value to the people involved and create an atmosphere suitable for working in a team and doing the best in the course of the usual activities.

Organizing an event at sea means to offer something unique and unforgettable.

Our Boats  departure from:

Costiera Amalfitana
Isole Eolie
Cinque Terre


Sailing ship

Sail Boat

Do you want to organize an event in complete relax?

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