The day after in Calcata

The next day he does not disappoint. My first night on the go was over. Last night I was able to enjoy the magical atmosphere of Calcata at sunset. After years of dreaming this weekend I finally realized my dream. In the afternoon thanks to special people like Paola, Silvana and Giancarlo, I did not feel like a tourist. They welcomed me into their “house” just like one of them. They took me to discover fantastic places and we talked about development opportunities in the country for events and tourism.




I took ideas and reasoned about projects to be developed. The week that will come will not be what I thought of absolute rest, I think it will become a busy week for contacts to be consolidated and projects to be put in the pipeline. I’m thrilled!

Calcata offers all kinds of ideas. Although it is already a well-established reality as a tourist entity there are things that can still be done, with the right energy, with the passion and collaboration of all these wonderful people will come out something really great. I’m ready to move in the right ways to get to my goal: to make my second home, physically and physically and work!

I decided I wouldn’t go to the restaurant for dinner, I wanted to try the Natural Bar‘s aperitif chopping board, a beautiful mix of charcuterie, cheeses and a passion fruit to lose your head! The choice is right. I’ve been sitting there for a couple of hours. I enjoyed it all the way. Upon my return to the room I experienced the satisfaction of sleeping in a magical place illuminated by a series of atmospheric lamps. I slept as deep as a child.


This morning I took my time. No hard work, no daughter to handle. Here the phone does not take: beautiful to be disconnected from the world for a while! I wrote my presentation that I will have to do next week in a call, terrible for those who are worn out like me stay inside at 50 seconds. For now I’ve tried and I’m at a minute. I’ll try to shorten it again, I have to succeed!

The morning in Calcata flows slowly. When I took to the streets it was just past ten o’clock in the morning and still the country was waking up. My friends were setting up their stalls and the restaurants had just started to settle down. Beautiful to be here at that time.

I discovered cliffs that I did not know, I fell in love with the local Cave Cave which is closed, goal of the week get in touch with those who manage it and understand if we can do something together.

I saw entire abandoned arenas, if only I had the economic opportunities I would be able to understand if they are for sale to organize something big, I came back to mind an episode of “4 Hotels” where a girl had organized an entire country in a popular hotel. Finding a funder here could do the same. The atmosphere of Calcata fully marries my professional idea: a magical place, full of culture, artists and potential. With the right communication I am convinced it could make this place a real point of interest for a specific target of customers.

I was planning to do some shopping and so I went looking for something that until now I had never bought yet. I joined The Moon Lab.

I found a beautiful girl with a long braid who with dreamy eyes explained to me where their creations come from. As he spoke to me, I realized when they say about me that I believe in my project. For her, I don’t think it’s just a job, it’s a real way of life. Here’s another person I met because of my new journey.

Finally then, while enjoying a Spritz at the Natural Bar (now I’m fond!), I met Costantino. Giancarlo told me about it yesterday and I would have been particularly sorry to leave today without speaking to him. He, a Venetian of origin, lives here in Calcata. It’s his tuff sculptures on the square where everyone stops to take pictures because they represent thrones. With his distrustful air, as I started writing this article, he asked me, “Who are you?” Good question. I still don’t know what to answer when they ask me.

But right now I’m a blogger. I am writing an article that will end up on my Blog despite the professional developments that I already imagine. And so I introduced myself. After a few moments he connected me with Giancarlo and then from there he told me a little about himself, his website, the qualms towards the writer and the communication as it has become today. The approximation, the tendency to look only for followers, the inaccuracy in the descriptions, to one like him create real annoyances. I shot him yesterday’s article, asked him to read it and see if I write from my heart. Your opinion will be really important to me.

I’m not an art historian, I’m not an archaeologist, I’m a person who travels, writes and works with my heart. If this can become my strength in the future, I don’t know. For now that’s what I can do and I’m going to go on like this.

… And just when I thought I’d finished my weekend, I decided to stop for lunch. Recommended by the bar on the square of the Baronial Palace, I booked at the Osteria del Borgo. Small, newly run local with very nice guys. What often scares solo travelers is sitting in a restaurant and eating alone. It’s a sense of loneliness. You feel like you’re the black sheep in the midst of couples and families. You feel like everyone’s looking at you. I wouldn’t care, but usually… because nothing is by chance… my “new friend” Paola who has her exhibition stand right in front of the Osteria wanted to eat them. And then what better idea than not eating together. It was one of the nicest lunches I’ve had in recent times. A woman who has lived a life around the world, especially in South America. A life like the one I’ve always dreamed of. A “trasteverina”      , one of those with which a lunch, a day, maybe a life flows so fast that you do not notice because you find in her a shoulder, a person who not only listens to you but understands you. The freedom to speak, to tell you to an almost perfect stranger that instead makes you feel at home as you would not have thought.

And so I really am at the end of this solo weekend for the “my” Calcata. I carry with me a lot of new knowledge, I carry with me many projects and ideas for an imminent future, but above all I carry with me even more the awareness that my life choice could not be more just. Thank you Calcata, thank you Paola, Silvana, Giancarlo, Costantino and all the people who welcomed me on this little big trip. We’ll see you again soon!!

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