The TTG of the Future

The edition of the TTG held in the complicated period of Covid has just ended

A few days have passed since the end of the tourism fair held in Rimini. The only event of this year that took place in the tourism sector. In total safety and in presence. Until the last one it was feared that there might be problems and instead the event started and completed its 3-day event.

It was definitely a fair on anomalous tourism. No foreign operators, few people and masks wherever you looked. The emotion, however, of returning to the exhibition center was great.

I personally came in for the first time to introduce my company.

Brochures created ad hoc and hope to be able to start interesting relationships for the future.
My project liked, it responded to the reference fees that companies aspire to. The result will certainly be interesting collaborations.

Of course we have to wait. Wait for these complicated months to pass again while continuing to work to create and implement projects and products that will find space in the event and tourism market over the next few years. Not a “meteor” project but products that can last over time, evolve and respond better and better to the needs of a precise and demanding audience.

Among the most important meetings I can say I had is certainly the one with Enrica Montanucci, founder of the autonomous MAAVI movement.

A small stand but among the most frequented precisely      because of the interest it has aroused. A new, autonomous movement that aims to protect the tourism sector and in particular the travel agencies so affected by the current crisis. A charismatic person who, with all the merits, won the title of “person of the year” within the event.

And then companies with which to start a partnership in the new project dedicated to Leonessa that can become a winning weapon for the months that will come thanks to its natural beauty and the historical places that characterize it.

Again, important Roman hotel chains that have recently reopened all the facilities and that are aiming at the redevelopment of the same to offer an increasingly high-level service.





In short, although there has not been the opportunity to meet foreign operators (who have been since the beginning of my project the main focus to which I intend to turn), I can say that I have returned home with great hope, but above all with the awareness once again, that the path I am taking is the right one.




And now we await developments in anticipation of the TTG 2021

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