Travelling with your body and mind

Travelling with your body and mind

How strong is the emotion that you feel when you walk into a travel agency and finally, after browsing through dozens of catalogues, you book that trip that you’ve so longed for? Our hearts begin to beat. The countdown to that fateful date begins when we set foot on a plane or train that will take us to the place of our dreams.

And then at that moment it will be a succession of events and situations that will create our memories that will not only be photographs that we will store on our devices but also all those feelings that we will have experienced and that will enrich us.

In fact, a journey to whatever destination we choose is a journey for our body and soul. So, just as our body relaxes, so do our emotions, moving away from the places we usually live in, relax and manage to grasp the nuances that the routine hides from us because of the rhythms we are subjected to. A trip purchased in an agency can become an emotional journey that will greatly improve us more than we can imagine.

What we do not think, however, is that an “emotional journey” can also be made without leaving home, it can be experienced during an ordinary day or simply during an event that involves us.

In fact, for some of us it is not enough to celebrate and have fun to make our own moment extraordinary. We are looking for something different and introspective that can make our “Party” unique.

We talk about it with Paola Lubrani, Counselor, a great friend but above all a professional who loves to put herself at the service of others in order to seek physical and mental wellbeing within each of us.

“How would you define an – emotional journey – ?”


– The idea of a journey, as you said at the beginning, makes me think about the different emotions that alternate. Anxiety, maybe for the unknown destination, fear, even just missing the plane or the train or breaking the car; happiness and excitement at the same time, often for the same reasons. The emotion is in itself rapid, fast, responds to a stimulus that leads us to act, to move.

If I think of an emotional journey, I think of a journey inside, in contact with our emotions, listening. To do this it is necessary to have the desire to get involved, to learn to travel with imagination to unknown places, which are inside us. Let’s imagine we are in a big castle with many rooms but we don’t know them all, what if we explore?

If you think about it, it’s wonderful to set out to discover yourself. Just like when we leave for a trip, everyone lives “theirs” in a unique way, leaving aside small or big comforts, what we call “comfort zones”, in the awareness that this will open infinite possibilities and, as from every trip, we come back with new awareness and certainly changed. –

“Why do people need to feel these emotions these days?”

– We all feel emotions, always, sometimes we just need help in recognizing them, awakening our emotional intelligence, in short, the ability to recognize, consciously manage our own emotions and relate to the emotions of others. This is more than ever, a delicate moment, in which we are forced, despite ourselves, to confront ourselves, our spaces and also our emotions. We have been living for some months now with something that we cannot manage and this causes us anxiety towards an unknown enemy. We can do a lot, starting with awareness exercises that help us to get back in touch with ourselves, to remove the automatic pilot that makes us carry on behaviors and habits without often realizing it. Taking awareness puts us in the optimal condition to welcome change and decide, to stay on the subject of travel, to take the helm and choose the route. –


“How do you integrate an emotional part into a party or event?”

– Emotions are already integrated into events. Parties, events contain elements that provoke emotions, which everyone often lives within themselves, in silence, more or less discreetly. Emotional management can be integrated into the management of an event, with a focus on what emerges as an integral part of the event itself. We said before that emotion is fast, it responds to a stimulus. It would be nice to capture the emotion, to realize what you are feeling, to give it a name. Every time we give a name to an emotion, and someone helps us describe it, we manage to give it body and form, the emotion becomes tangible, something that I can visualize and place. And this helps me to make it somehow more familiar and even the possible feeling of discomfort appears less significant. When we feel, a series of reactions are triggered on a physical level that we can learn to recognize, for example the heartbeat changes; when I experience a strong emotion, sometimes our senses are more receptive, we are surprised to notice the scent of the person next door that we may not have noticed before. We happen to notice colours, sounds we hadn’t noticed before. It would be nice to taste all this in a conscious way during a party, the memory that we will keep will be unique. –

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