Wedding anniversaries ``Your unforgettable day``

If reaching the altar is a goal, it becomes even more significant to celebrate the Anniversaries. Every year represents a milestone, a unique and unforgettable moment. Whether it is a private celebration or a party with family or friends “YOUR DAY” cannot be spent like all the other 364 of the year.

So how many years have you been married? Have you not celebrated previous anniversaries? No problem, we’ll make up for it with something that will blow your partner’s mind. It’s just up to you to tell me how many years you’ve said the fateful “YES” and we’ll find something special for your next anniversary.

In the meantime, did you know that sugared almonds in bags are always odd because they represent infinity?

And that every anniversary is associated with a particular material?

Let’s find out together:

Year 1 – Paper Wedding

7th year – Wool wedding

10th year – Tin wedding

15th year – Crystal Wedding


And then the much anticipated ones:

25th Anniversary – Silver Wedding – It’s time to renew your vows!!!


And like in the best fairy tales:

50th anniversary – Golden Wedding – Password: sobriety but lots of gold!!!!

Do you want to amaze your partner?

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