What a Photo Shooting Represents

Making a Photo Shooting is an important starting point

The first time I heard about “Photo Shooting” I thought of something I wanted to accomplish as soon as possible. After realizing what exactly it was and how it should have been done, I worked for months to make this happen.

But I immediately found myself faced with the real difficulties in making a Photo Shooting done well and that really conveyed the sensations and professionalism that I was looking for. I could have done it several months before, I could probably have gone looking for collaboration from some suppliers immediately offering them a new communication container and my photographs and work would have shot earlier on the appropriate channels.

The choice instead was to set up the “Shooting yard” only when all the pieces of the puzzle I was composing had gone in their place.

A Photo Shooting for a wedding, must give life to the faithful reconstruction of the moment. Already the choice of models is indicative depending on the meaning you want to give it. It is no coincidence that two very young boys were chosen. Both of fair complexion. The idea I had in mind was to represent two “fresh” situations suitable for a young target not only of age but also and above all of spirit.

In fact, making a wedding in a greenhouse or on the beach is indicative of an adventurous spirit and willing to get involved. And so once I identified the two subjects who would wear the clothes it was just the moment of choosing everything that, together with my team, we wanted to show to the public.

I’m talking about “Team” because that’s exactly what I started to build in these months and thanks to the Photo Shooting came to life. I put together a number of professionals, each for their industry, who had never worked together. I gave them guidelines, leaving everyone’s creativity with the right space they deserved. And so after the ritual handshakes, indeed today it is better to say “the touch of elbow”, all the stakeholders began to talk to each other and immediately found the right harmony.

That same harmony that was found throughout the day and that you can see not only in the official photos but also and especially in the unofficial ones where among many smiles you saw the faces of professionals in love with their work who were doing something particularly great. Especially for the territory where we are present.

And now the importance of this Photographic Shooting lies precisely in what is left, in those shots that we are all using to show our work and our value not so much as individuals but as a well-mixed team. Those shots that are shared through their channels and social networks by inserting the Credits of each partner to extend even more their network of contacts.

And then for those who still think that making a Photographic Shooting is a “boys’s game” I can only suggest to keep in mind that it took over 3 weeks of organizational work, the collaboration of 7 different professional entities, about 12 hours on heels during the same day, 30 sorrento lemons for Sicilian-type decoration, in addition to the plants and flowers present , about 400 shots to view and arrange and days after the event to fix everything and start a sharing that can last for months.

And so, looking back, I realize that I could never have done this Photo Shooting months ago. As much as the craving for the things that come to mind soon takes over, I have found that it was necessary, and today I am happy, to let time pass. Consolidate relationships with locations and suppliers and have a well-structured organizational form myself.

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