The strength to start over

The pandemic that has hit the world       in recent months has brought several economies to their knees. It is not a triviality if you realize how many companies have and are still suffering, Yet the strength to start again is felt and you start to catch a glimpse among professionals in all sectors.

After a spring where any private and fair event has been cancelled, we are experiencing an abnormal September as the big fairs have not yet been able to resume. There are rumours for the next month of October of some situations that should take place but what is happening still makes everyone living in total uncertainty.

This week, however, in light of the desire for recovery and the strength of wanting to start again I was the guest of a three-day event that represented for the territory of Rome and for some companies a real starting point.

On the occasion of its 140th anniversary, the company Orsolini decided to recreate a “little Cersaie” inside its own Roman Show-Room.

A very well organized location that offers a space dedicated to refresher courses for all the categories concerned, but also a valid outdoor space that allowed, thanks to a shy sun that decided to accompany this occasion, to organize stands where the companies present were able to exhibit their catalogs and meet the people who intervened.

For the voice of the Organization of the company Orsolini, Anna Risplendente and the Manager Giulia Orsolini, this was an event strongly wanted precisely to give a strong signal to companies and the market that you want to start again after a long period of stop. The presence in Show-Room of important brands of the various sectors concerned was confirmation that on all sides there is a willingness to start again and leave behind the terrible period that has been experienced.

The event called after careful evaluation “Archi_Fiera” saw 14 Companies participate, almost representing the 140 years of activity itself, a randomness but given the principle “Nothing is by chance” I would say that you can think that it was something particularly significant.

The word “Fair” is not a coincidence that it was inserted as this was supposed to be the month of the well-known Cersaie event in Bologna, a reference fair for the sector in question. Companies and audiences love fairs precisely because of what they represent and for all the ideas that you can get during them. And so these 14 companies and a solid group like Orsolini have joined forces to create a moment of exchange and presentation that shows even more the strength and the will to start again.


This bodes well for the event sector in general. With all the precautions of the case, it is clear that we want to return to creating a situation of aggregation and confrontation. And then all this makes you think that the direction taken by SOGNI & CALZINI SPIAIATI  is not wrong. The continuous growth of the event company, the projects put in place, the synergies that have come to be created and the great will to achieve something that is unique and meets the needs of a careful public such as the Companies, is going in the right direction.

Now it is a question of waiting for the times to be “mature”, for the world situation to take that small step forward so that the companies return to share spaces and moments of professional growth with audiences and professionals.

We will be here to support at any time the Companies that want to discuss with specialists to create their own event or a moment of growth. Because if sowing is done well the harvest comes. We are sure of this.

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